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The Bad Side Sci-Fi Modeling.

Some people like to always keep things positive, or at least keep up the positive face no matter what happens. I grew up in a family like this, it was very difficult¬† as a child. Unless someone teaches you how … Continue reading

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Round 2 1/350 Enterprise or Why Did They Do That?

I don’t know what it is about this model, but people love to make this subject more complicated than it needs to be. This kit has a number of things that made me wonder, “Why did they do that?”. The … Continue reading

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Big E Posts From The Messageboards

I realized I didn’t have some of this information on this site. Since I’m no longer posting on message boards, I figure the information would be better off here. Here are my posts from the RPF(replica prop forum). Posted 1/12/11 … Continue reading

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The Wonders of Star Trek: The Transporter, Part Two

In the last article, I talked about the basics of the transporter(MTAMS) and what they would do with it. Here is some more of what they would do with such a system. Imagine a world where you could make anything. … Continue reading

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This says it all

Neil deGrasse Tyson at the Starship Smackdown, Comic-Con 2012 Thank you Neil.

Studio Scale Models, Studio Scale TOS Enterprise(11.25 feet)

The Wonders of Star Trek: The Transporter Part One.

The creator’s of Star Trek made that universe, so what happens if you apply those ideas to our world? Things get interesting, real interesting. So what do I mean by this? To use our civilization as an analogue, whenever we … Continue reading

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Would Starships have weathering?

This is one of those subjects that got me thinking into the world of Star Trek. Just how would things work in that universe. Perhaps I’ve been looking at Enterprises to long. If you spend time on any subject your … Continue reading

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Custom Replica’s 66″ E repair or why is this model so damn loud!

Lets start with a video. Here is two Bussards from the Custom Replicas 66″ E kit.¬† The one on the left is from a built-up CR 66″ E. The one on the right is from my kit(running at top speed … Continue reading

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Studio Scale D-7

This was offered from Atomic City(last I heard it’s still available). I bought it years ago, and finally got around to finishing it. Here is a few pics of it in process. This is the D-7 in the primer stage. … Continue reading

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Master Replicas 1/350 scale TOS Enterprise(Part 2)

I’ve been delinquent with the blog as of late, but I have been busy with the E projects. So I figure some of you would like to see more of the MR E. I like to call it the Tiny … Continue reading

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