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The Bad Side Sci-Fi Modeling.

Some people like to always keep things positive, or at least keep up the positive face no matter what happens. I grew up in a family like this, it was very difficult  as a child. Unless someone teaches you how … Continue reading

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Round 2 1/350 Enterprise or Why Did They Do That?

I don’t know what it is about this model, but people love to make this subject more complicated than it needs to be. This kit has a number of things that made me wonder, “Why did they do that?”. The … Continue reading

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Big E Posts From The Messageboards

I realized I didn’t have some of this information on this site. Since I’m no longer posting on message boards, I figure the information would be better off here. Here are my posts from the RPF(replica prop forum). Posted 1/12/11 … Continue reading

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