Studio Scale D-7

This was offered from Atomic City(last I heard it’s still available).

I bought it years ago, and finally got around to finishing it.

Here is a few pics of it in process.

This is the D-7 in the primer stage. I didn’t like the base that came with the kit. So I made another one, the rod in the base was an Ikea lamp base(the lamp base is in the logo). I took out the electrical and removed the lamp socket. Which leaves a very good model stand, it’s a tube made of steel, powder-coated black, it’s threaded(used for lamps, the hardware is easy to get), good for routing wire, and best of all it’s real cheap.

It’s Ikea part number- 801.495.11

Hemma table lamp base.

It’s 14″ high with a base that’s 5″ square, last I checked it’s only $4.99(US) . They have other sizes, styles and finishes of course they cost more. But it’s a real time saver.


Not quite finished, I still have to do a few more things.

Here it is, I’ll call it finished for now(I might change my mind later, I do have some little things to do yet. But isn’t that always the case). I didn’t do the traditional markings, nor did I match the paint job of the studio model. I wanted to do something original.

The logos, windows and markings are all vinyl. They do the job on a model like this since it’s all resin and doesn’t have any lighting.

Here is the base. It’s plastic thermoformed over a base. It hides the base of the Ikea lamp base.

I couldn’t resist having a little fun with this model. My camera isn’t all that great(so please keep the laughter to a minimum).

These models are going to be in a diorama, which isn’t finished yet. But it’s a great place to take pics.

I’ll show the diorama when it’s finished. It’s been taking more time than I expected.

This is all for today, I have more stuff to post.

In case anybody is interested, I made paint masks and vinyl graphics for this model. Contact me for info.

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