Master Replicas 1/350 scale TOS Enterprise(Part 2)

I’ve been delinquent with the blog as of late, but I have been busy with the E projects.

So I figure some of you would like to see more of the MR E.

I like to call it the Tiny E.

The dish and spike are after market, a guy was offering them on the RPF ages ago. Perhaps he will again when the 350 kits come out.

Here is the underside front of the 2nd hull.

This is the bottom of the 2nd hull.

A look into the mount(1/4″ phonojack).

Neck and saucer, with those awful gridlines.


Now some bussards…

…and Endcaps.

Here is the last one.

That’s it for now, I’ll post more in the future.




Master Replicas 350 TOS E, Models and Props


    • Commander Max

      I remember seeing those a few years back. Thanks for posting SB, I still can’t get over the hot glue on the phono plug.

      You would think they would have put in gear motors in the bussards. What they did is like the Custom Replicas 66″, it’s a lot of noise, not very reliable and added an unnecessary cost to the model.

      I wonder if they are going to do the same thing with the 350 E that’s coming out?

    • LZRD15

      Wow, spockboy, that’s terrible you had to cut open your MR ENTERPRISE to repair the jack at the base. How did you open her up? More importantly, were you successful with your repairs? I own a MR ENTERPRISE myself, and hope I won’t have to do the same… but you never know…

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